Quick Search Engine Optimisation Updates

October 30, 2012By David HornSearch Engine Optimisation

Following recent updates to Google’s search algorithm (both Penguin and Panda* updates have been rolling out changes over the past few months), greater emphasis has been placed on ‘dwell time’, ‘click through rates’, and even content that is placed ‘above the fold’. What do these mean to you?  Well, ‘dwell time’ is the length of … Read More

5 apps that I cannot live without

October 29, 2012By David HornOn the interwebs

Okay, that should probably be ‘5 apps that I cannot work without’, but if there’s one thing we know about the web, it’s that we love a bit of hyperbole in a blog post title There are some apps that become so engrained in your every day that oftentimes you don’t even realise you’re using … Read More

God’s away on business

October 25, 2012By David HornEverything Else, On the interwebs

Every now and again I’m completely blown away by the people I’ve met online.  Supremely talented, incredibly generous, and generally marvellous.  Never more so than this week when the good people of The Kenspeckle Letterpress, put this blog post online.   My love of all things Tom Waits is well documented and just about tolerated … Read More

A better way to take payments online?

October 5, 2012By David HornBusiness, ecommerce

If you want to take money online, whatever you decide to do comes down to a couple of basic choices:  do I want to take money through an integrated payment provider – one who’s software can integrate with my website, and pass money directly to my bank account?, or do I want to use PayPal. … Read More

Why your internet based business is going to fail

October 2, 2012By David HornBusiness

  Photo by jbhalper – http://flic.kr/p/6zr4TR In which I reveal the closely guarded secrets as to why many, many web based businesses fail.  Fine, I hate suspense too … so if you’re after the short version, it’s this: you haven’t put enough money aside to market your business properly.  Slightly longer version follows … I’ve … Read More