A better way to take payments online?

October 5, 2012By David HornBusiness, ecommerce

If you want to take money online, whatever you decide to do comes down to a couple of basic choices:  do I want to take money through an integrated payment provider – one who’s software can integrate with my website, and pass money directly to my bank account?, or do I want to use PayPal. … Read More

Why your internet based business is going to fail

October 2, 2012By David HornBusiness

  Photo by jbhalper – http://flic.kr/p/6zr4TR In which I reveal the closely guarded secrets as to why many, many web based businesses fail.  Fine, I hate suspense too … so if you’re after the short version, it’s this: you haven’t put enough money aside to market your business properly.  Slightly longer version follows … I’ve … Read More

I Don’t Understand The Facebook IPO

May 18, 2012By David HornBusiness, Everything Else

I don’t understand the Facebook IPO.  Or, more to the point: as a potential (extremely small) investor, I don’t understand clearly enough how it would make me money. If I were a growth fund manager then yes, I’d be in there all guns blazing … it would make good sense to buy as much Facebook … Read More

Push your content, not your website

March 13, 2012By David HornBusiness, Social Media

Something I try and stress to people now when developing websites is that the key to getting them to deliver is to understand that it is not actually about the website itself, it’s about the content. Your content should exist independently of your website – you should be able to break it into chunks and … Read More

Starting A Freelance Web Design Business

February 21, 2012By David HornBusiness, work

I had my second Freelance Switch article published a couple of weeks ago now (my next one is scheduled for some time in the next week or two) – this one focuses on some of the things I learnt in starting up as a freelance web designer.  9 steps in fact … I love the … Read More

Groupon: probably not going to help you

January 9, 2012By David HornBusiness, On the interwebs

Ah, this makes for sad reading. Groupon’s Messy Business. If you don’t know what Groupon is, briefly, it offers small businesses a quick way to dramatically increase the number of customers through your door by publicising dramatic discounts across their wide reaching network. Sounds like a good, quick win for businesses – and, in some … Read More

Work Life Balance – a TED talk

January 4, 2012By David HornBusiness

One of my facebook people linked to this wonderful 10 minute talk by Nigel Marsh on that ever popular topic – the Work Life Balance … it’s well worth 10 minutes of anyone’s time – check it out: