Flickr web design inspiration

June 7, 2010By David HornCSS, Design

For anyone who’s interested, I keep an ongoing Flickr inspiration stream of websites I’ve found that, for one reason or another, I’ve found inspiring. You can find it here: Flickr inspiration.

CannyBill redesign by Andy Clarke

March 24, 2010By David HornCSS, Design, work

Andy Clarke is one of those web designers who lets it all hang out … in the nicest possible way. He often blogs about the process of his projects, which is always entertaining and informative … and here he wraps up his series of articles about the Canny Bill redesign. Nice work.

Genuinely exciting: IE9 Preview

March 18, 2010By David HornCSS, Design, work

File this under genuinely exciting … I think. It’s not often I get excited about the release of a new browser – especially if it’s part of the Internet Explorer dysfunctional family – BUT – IE9 is starting to look promising – and it’s preview is available now They’re talking about HTML5, SVG support, and … Read More

Web Designers who can’t code

February 18, 2010By David HornCSS, Design, work

This great post from Elliot Jay Stocks¬†covers a number of points that I deal with on a few levels each week. To start off: I am a web designer who codes. I’m someone who enjoys the process of writing good, semantic code – loves the cleanliness of it, loves the craft, the constant learning, the … Read More

Great solution for long drop down menus

October 26, 2009By David HornCSS, Design

UPDATE:¬†Thanks to a query on, this post is getting a bit of traction … so I wanted to point out that I now use something else entirely to style dropdowns. I use the Selectric plugin for jQuery. It’s super versatile, degrades nicely, and has some great styling options. Check it out! Ah – this … Read More

Quick HTML email tip …

September 3, 2009By David HornCSS, Design

I must have put together dozens of email marketing templates in the past 6 months or so, and one thing that I nearly always forget to do until I come to test it is to make sure that everything contained with ‘style’ tags is actually included after the ‘body’ tag. The reason is simple: Google … Read More

Future of Web Design Tour

June 11, 2009By David HornCSS, Design, Web Development

Future of web design roadshow … coming to Belfast in September – and other places across the UK. But Belfast baby! NI is finally getting some good events – along with the Build Conference in November. So, run, don’t walk:

Lightbulb moment

May 13, 2009By David HornCSS, Design, work

This from Paul Boag: 10 ways to put your content in front of more people, has been a real lightbulb moment for me – particularly this line: … when we focus so heavily on the performance of our website we miss a fundamental point – the aim is to expose users to our content not … Read More

Housekeeping, and site launch

May 5, 2009By David HornCSS, Design, work

Just a couple of little bits of housekeeping as much as anything … I launched a new site for my wife’s Physiotherapy Clinic the other week … nice and simple. Also, have just been featured on – a CSS Gallery for Web Designers and Websites from Ireland and Northern Ireland … thanks guys! New … Read More