The Westville Hotel – a responsive web design

February 15, 2012By David HornDesign, Mobile, work

It’s an absolute age (well, just over 4 months) since I wrote this post saying that I was developing a responsive website for the Westville Hotel, in Enniskillen.  Well, after several changes of staff with the client, and at least two complete redesigns, we’ve finally launched this morning! Exciting stuff. So, yes, it’s a responsive … Read More

As Above, So Below

January 26, 2012By David HornDesign, Everything Else

Sometimes I’m just about the luckiest person I know.  One of those times was yesterday when the most deliciously colourful, sumptuous and beautiful piece of artwork arrived on my doorstep.  It came courtesy of the Kenspeckle Letterpress.  It’s hard to do it justice on such a small web page.  In real life it measures 4ft … Read More

Retail Website for Belleek Outlet Shopping

December 19, 2011By David HornCSS, Design, HTML5, work

This is the first hyper-local project I’ve worked on in a while … but it’s fun to get this local sometimes!  So … let me tell you a little story … There was a shop here in Belleek that had traded for 50 years.  Owned and run by 2 brothers, McGraths stocked a seemingly random … Read More

Mobile web design considerations

December 9, 2011By David HornDesign, Mobile, work

Have just written a lengthy page on mobile web design considerations … I’ve got it as a page, rather than as a regular post because it will eventually feature more prominently on the site … but for now, that’s where it is.  I’m gearing up for some changes here at TickTock – 2012 is going to … Read More

Apple Store in Grand Central

December 8, 2011By David HornDesign, On the interwebs

For 3 extremely memorable years, I was lucky enough to walk through Grand Central Station, NYC twice a day, almost every day.  To say it’s an inspiring building would be damning it with faint praise as well as stating the bleeding obvious.  It’s one of my favourite buildings and so much of it is so … Read More

Front end coding for a responsive web

October 5, 2011By David HornCase Studies, CSS, Design, HTML5, Mobile

So then, the time has come to start a client project from scratch using purely responsive techniques (as defined by Ethan Marcotte’s book Responsive Web Design).  I’ve retro-fitted some responsive techniques to previous client sites, but this will be the first ‘responsive’ project I’m starting from scratch.  The three core ‘ingredients’ for this responsive website … Read More