Makey Makey – turn bananas into a keyboard!

May 16, 2012By David HornEverything Else

Oh – this is great!  I’m off to my kids school to make sure we get some of these kits … What’s MaKey MaKey? MaKey MaKey is an invention kit for the 21st century. Turn everyday objects into touchpads and combine them with the internet. It’s a simple Invention Kit for Beginners and Experts doing … Read More

Great old photos of New York City

April 27, 2012By David HornEverything Else

Ah, I love these old photos of NYC.  Particularly this one of painters on the Brooklyn Bridge:   Oh wait, and this one too, where the newspaper headline reads “Nazi Army Now 75 Miles From Paris”   But they’re all good.  (via)

Grid apps, bookmarks and coffee tables

March 6, 2012By David HornDesign, Everything Else

There are many things that consistently vex me.  Solutions for three of them presented themselves this rainy Tuesday morning – too good not to share. Bookmarks I don’t have a problem with bookmarks.  (We’re talking about the physical book mark here – something you use to keep your place in a real, physical, book).  My … Read More

The right kind of water

February 20, 2012By David HornEverything Else, On the interwebs

I love – they’re a web firm based in Portland, Oregon.  They do good work, which you can check out on their site.  But it’s their blog that is never less than informative and frequently fascinating. Today, for instance, I learnt that boiling water first and then letting it cool, reduces the oxygen in … Read More

Sidewalks that create electricity

February 9, 2012By David HornEverything Else

File this under ‘brilliant ideas’.  PaveGen – a UK Company no less – has come up with what appears to be a product of absolute genius.  Each time a person steps on a little rubber mat, their kinetic energy – the energy expended with the foot fall – is converted into electricity.  A single step … Read More

As Above, So Below

January 26, 2012By David HornDesign, Everything Else

Sometimes I’m just about the luckiest person I know.  One of those times was yesterday when the most deliciously colourful, sumptuous and beautiful piece of artwork arrived on my doorstep.  It came courtesy of the Kenspeckle Letterpress.  It’s hard to do it justice on such a small web page.  In real life it measures 4ft … Read More