Tom Waits video for Satisfied

November 11, 2011By David HornEverything Else, On the interwebs

So, this is always worth a quick Friday blog post … there’s a new Tom Waits video, and it’s for Satisfied.  The Sunday Times, in it’s review of Bad As Me, described Satisfied thusly: … his most extraordinary vocal performance yet, in a career that has been pretty much nothing but extraordinary vocal performances. It’s … Read More

Let the designer design …

October 11, 2011By David HornEverything Else, work

So, a lot has been written about Steve Jobs this past week or so, (and for what it’s worth, this Stephen Fry piece is my favourite), but the quote below is one that is resonating particularly strongly with me at the moment. You can’t just ask the customers what they want and then try to … Read More

the put it down onesie

September 9, 2011By David HornEverything Else, On the interwebs

Ah – love this – the ‘put it down’ onesie … for all those iPhone toting dads & mums … To clarify – that’s put the phone down, not the baby.  But you got that, right?  Right? The Spoon Sisters Onesie – Put It Down. (via)

bits and bobs from around the web

August 29, 2011By David HornEverything Else, On the interwebs

So, here’s a few useful bits and pieces I’ve found lately: Web Standards Sherpa have a useful little post on Making the transition to HTML5.  I still refer to Dive into HTML5 as my default resource on all things HTML5, but this is a useful, quick ‘how-to’ that people will find useful I’m sure. For a … Read More

A Box You Want to Uncheck on LinkedIn

August 11, 2011By David HornEverything Else

This is doing the rounds on twitter etc., but worth posting here … LinkedIn are assuming your acceptance of having your photo and name available for use through third party advertising!  Nice touch!  So, here’s the box you’ll be wanting to uncheck: A Box You Want to Uncheck on LinkedIn

Password Strength

August 10, 2011By David HornEverything Else, On the interwebs, Web Development

So, this made me think – the latest cartoon from  I urge everyone to be using strong passwords for their email, their FTP information, their wordpress installation – etc. etc.  And I normally go with the approach outlined in the first row of images below – choose a common enough word, throw in a … Read More