Tracking PDF downloads with Google Analytics

July 11, 2012By David HornHTML5

By default, there is no way of tracking document downloads – such as PDF’s – in google analytics.  Google Analytics works by sending some information back to google whenever someone lands on a web page.  But of course, a document download is not a ‘page’ in the traditional sense – so we need to find … Read More

Great to see so much responsive web design going on

April 26, 2012By David HornDesign, HTML5, Mobile

It’s great to see more and more responsive web design going on … and this wonderful showcase highlights some of the best current work. This example from the University of California in San Diego is lovely – a good, strict responsive grid.  It doesn’t try to do too much, but each screen resolution looks native … Read More

Retail Website for Belleek Outlet Shopping

December 19, 2011By David HornCSS, Design, HTML5, work

This is the first hyper-local project I’ve worked on in a while … but it’s fun to get this local sometimes!  So … let me tell you a little story … There was a shop here in Belleek that had traded for 50 years.  Owned and run by 2 brothers, McGraths stocked a seemingly random … Read More

Front end coding for a responsive web

October 5, 2011By David HornCase Studies, CSS, Design, HTML5, Mobile

So then, the time has come to start a client project from scratch using purely responsive techniques (as defined by Ethan Marcotte’s book Responsive Web Design).  I’ve retro-fitted some responsive techniques to previous client sites, but this will be the first ‘responsive’ project I’m starting from scratch.  The three core ‘ingredients’ for this responsive website … Read More

Mobile Development testing with Ripple

October 4, 2011By David HornHTML5, Mobile

So – this looks interesting … a plugin for google Chrome browser for emulating mobile environments.  Whenever I work on mobile websites perhaps the biggest challenge is testing across devices – and being able to use the desktop for geo-location services and the like.  Ripple seems to overcome that difficulty: Ripple is a multi-platform mobile … Read More