Kurt Vonnegut’s advice on writing

December 10, 2012By David HornOn the interwebs

I love pretty much all the writing of Kurt Vonnegut; I think he was a tremendous writer who always had something interesting to say.  I stumbled across this blog post today which contains much wisdom from the man himself, as concerns writing.  Including these gems: “Every character should want something, even if it is only a … Read More

The Cheese Hub – site launch

November 12, 2012By David HornDesign, Mobile, On the interwebs, Web Development, work

Cheese and websites … two of my favourite things, and brought together so wonderfully with this deceptively simple little ecommerce project: The Cheese Hub.   They’re business based in Leitrim that have some lovely looking hampers and a really interesting business in cheese maturation for local producers. Shelves and shelves of maturing cheese line their … Read More

5 apps that I cannot live without

October 29, 2012By David HornOn the interwebs

Okay, that should probably be ‘5 apps that I cannot work without’, but if there’s one thing we know about the web, it’s that we love a bit of hyperbole in a blog post title There are some apps that become so engrained in your every day that oftentimes you don’t even realise you’re using … Read More

God’s away on business

October 25, 2012By David HornEverything Else, On the interwebs

Every now and again I’m completely blown away by the people I’ve met online.  Supremely talented, incredibly generous, and generally marvellous.  Never more so than this week when the good people of The Kenspeckle Letterpress, put this blog post online.   My love of all things Tom Waits is well documented and just about tolerated … Read More

5 great things online this week

August 8, 2012By David HornOn the interwebs

I’ve been prompted to write this short blog post by the incredibly intriguing / beautiful looking concepts for re-inventing the email client.  It’s not just an exercise in fantasy either – there’s a real email client, based on the concept outlined above, coming eventually. What I like about this re-working (well, the two things I … Read More

Creating e-books from existing web content

May 23, 2012By David HornDesign, On the interwebs

This. Is. Awesome. Readlist allows you to create ebooks from existing web content – and have that sent to your Kindle / iWhatever.  That’s just going to fit so nicely in with my life that I’m nearly weeping at the thought of it. For example, I spend the morning surfing the internet researching an upcoming … Read More