Does Google care about organic search?

July 16, 2013By David HornSearch Engine Optimisation

Probably not. Not that much anyway. Since Google became the best place to get reliable search results on the web (what, 10 years ago?), they (and I) have been preaching that a well structured page with well written content containing a good balance of keyword information and useful information to the potential viewer, is the … Read More

Quick Search Engine Optimisation Updates

October 30, 2012By David HornSearch Engine Optimisation

Following recent updates to Google’s search algorithm (both Penguin and Panda* updates have been rolling out changes over the past few months), greater emphasis has been placed on ‘dwell time’, ‘click through rates’, and even content that is placed ‘above the fold’. What do these mean to you?  Well, ‘dwell time’ is the length of … Read More

Online Marketing Training – resources from recent presentations

October 3, 2011By David HornSearch Engine Optimisation, Web Development, work

Right then – this post is primarily for those who attended my recent online marketing workshops which took place in Derry through September – but there’s plenty here for anyone interested in understanding more about how websites work – especially in relation to search engines and social media. So, I’ve broadly categorise the resources as … Read More