How LinkedIn Saved My Life

April 30, 2013By David HornWeb Development

Disclaimer: my life has not actually been saved by LinkedIn.  A man called Steve once saved my life by grabbing hold of me just as I was about to walk out in front of a car (thanks Steve!). A couple of months ago a server I have hosted with MediaTemple fell over.  It had been attacked … Read More

The Cheese Hub – site launch

November 12, 2012By David HornDesign, Mobile, On the interwebs, Web Development, work

Cheese and websites … two of my favourite things, and brought together so wonderfully with this deceptively simple little ecommerce project: The Cheese Hub.   They’re business based in Leitrim that have some lovely looking hampers and a really interesting business in cheese maturation for local producers. Shelves and shelves of maturing cheese line their … Read More

Creating and using sub-domains with MAMP Pro

June 17, 2012By David HornWeb Development

This weekend I was trying to set up sub-domains in MAMP Pro to replicate the server set up for a new project I’ve taken on.  Although this task is actually quite straightforward in the end, I couldn’t find any decent documentation on it until this article by Mark Van Der Putten got me going in the right … Read More