Online Marketing Training – resources from recent presentations

October 3, 2011By David HornSearch Engine Optimisation, Web Development, work

Right then – this post is primarily for those who attended my recent online marketing workshops which took place in Derry through September – but there’s plenty here for anyone interested in understanding more about how websites work – especially in relation to search engines and social media. So, I’ve broadly categorise the resources as … Read More

Prioritising features in web app development

August 25, 2011By David HornWeb Development, work

A nice article from about prioritising features in app / software development. When you’re drawing the line around your software, make sure you’re not leaving in marginal utility features in an attempt to add more value. And, as a sucker for a nice infographic – this image from their post sums it up nicely.  Draw up a … Read More

The Semantic Grid System

August 24, 2011By David HornCSS, Design, Web Development

Really, this should be filed under ‘probably too good to be true’ … but let’s hear it out. So, here’s the problem: there are a ton of great grid based CSS frameworks for designers to work with – frameworks which provide a baseline for dividing up the page into a usable grid via a series … Read More

Password Strength

August 10, 2011By David HornEverything Else, On the interwebs, Web Development

So, this made me think – the latest cartoon from  I urge everyone to be using strong passwords for their email, their FTP information, their wordpress installation – etc. etc.  And I normally go with the approach outlined in the first row of images below – choose a common enough word, throw in a … Read More

Beautiful design systems

July 29, 2011By David HornCSS, Design, Web Development

So, I was reading this article from Happy Cog and it struck a chord with me as regards systems for design. Whenever I start a web design project, I’m looking for elements from previous projects that can be re-used in planning the new project.  I might lift an HTML code base from one, a set … Read More