dConstruct 2011

June 22, 2011By David HornCSS, Design, Graphic Design, Web Development

It’s a great looking event – although, for me, it seems to have moved away from the direct relevance of my day to day to a more abstract view on digital product design. ┬áThat’s okay – but maybe not for me this year – there are other demands on my conference time this year! BUT … Read More

Around the web

October 4, 2010By David HornDesign, On the interwebs, Web Development

So, here’s a few things I’ve found lately … I’ve used Chris Coyier’s Anything Slider on any number of projects – it’s so versatile. And since it’s been on GitHub, it’s developed. Here’s the latest version Some lovely graphic design: Dowling Duncan has been redesigning the US Dollar Bill – it’s vertically aligned, it’s colourful, … Read More

Work featured on design galleries …

September 23, 2010By David HornCSS, Design, Web Development, work

People will tell you that recognition in design galleries is pure ego, that it doesn’t matter, that they do their work for the satisfaction of their clients, and that if the client is happy, they’re happy. And they’re right – up to a point. Nobody minds a bit of public recognition – and me, well, … Read More

IE 9 Beta release

September 16, 2010By David HornDesign, On the interwebs, Web Development

Now then, this all looks quite promising much cleaner interface apparently ‘stripped down for speed’ although ‘cleaner interface’ appears to mean ‘ugly versions of what Safari does much better’ in some instances (I’m looking at you ‘frequently visited pages tab’ … other stuff too, but to be honest, although it will hopefully support a ton … Read More

Future of Web Design Tour

June 11, 2009By David HornCSS, Design, Web Development

Future of web design roadshow … coming to Belfast in September – and other places across the UK. But Belfast baby! NI is finally getting some good events – along with the Build Conference in November. So, run, don’t walk: