Angela’s Bella Flora – work in progress

July 25, 2011By David HornGraphic Design, work

I just wanted to share with you a splash of colour and joy on this dreary (in Fermanagh) Wednesday afternoon … so I’m working on an ecommerce website for a florist in Minnesota (I sketched wireframes and the lovely, talented Marian Lansky fleshed out the design … all photography from Rolf Hagberg) and it’s just … Read More

CSS support in email clients

June 21, 2011By David HornCSS, work

A newly updated guide to CSS support in email clients – from Campaign Monitor … and if they don’t know what works and what doesn’t, heaven help the rest of us. Guide to CSS support in email clients This guide is really helpful but it’s also incredibly depressing.  Take a look down the column for … Read More

Responsive Web Design – new from A Book Apart

June 14, 2011By David HornCSS, Design, work

I like to think that I buy books from A Book Apart because they’ll further my expertise and knowledge as a web designer.  But you and I both know that it’s because they look gorgeous – and I want the whole set on my shelf.  The latest is no exception … and it’s coming.

Why The Valley Wants Designers That Can Code

June 3, 2011By David HornDesign, work

I’ve written before about the importance of being able to code as well as design – here’s more fuel to the fire from Jared Spool. My opinion: if you’re working in web design and you don’t code, then you’re not working in web design at all. Why The Valley Wants Designers That Can Code » … Read More

Pitching to clients … a broken process

March 14, 2011By David HornDesign, work

I’m quite lucky. I don’t do an awful lot of pitching to clients. Lucky because it’s not something I enjoy very much, and lucky because I find the whole process to be flawed and not necessarily conducive to finding the best match between a client and myself. The pitch immediately creates a ‘them and us’ … Read More

IE6 Countdown

March 7, 2011By David HornDesign, work

It’s not often you get Microsoft recommending that you stop using one of their own products … but that’s what they’re doing with the IE6 Countdown Good to see. In China, 34% of people still use IE6. Good god. Friends don’t let friends use Internet Explorer 6. And neither should acquaintances.

Site Launch: NI Property Group

February 16, 2011By David HornDesign, work

It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve finally launched the website for the Northern Ireland Property Group … if you like your websites with a hint of pink, this is one for you! It’s a pretty slick custom built website – it has an advertising module, so the client can upload / track advertising … Read More

Best ‘meet the team’ page ever

February 2, 2011By David HornDesign, On the interwebs, work

It’s not much that rouses me from my ‘blogging’ slumber these days, but this did. It’s the most innovative ‘meet the team’ page I’ve seen. So simple and so cool! Go to the page here and move your mouse around a bit. (I’m viewing in Safari 5, but nothing to suggest it won’t work in, … Read More

Around the web

December 1, 2010By David HornDesign, On the interwebs, work

Almost too cold to type … but I’ve seen a few useful bits these past couple of days, so here goes: I’m doing a project at the moment which has meant using GIT for source / version control. Thanks to the developer I’m working with, I’m more or less safe using Terminal now … but … Read More